Alarm Clock Stuck In A Wall: Episode 22

ep 22 clock

It’s time for a new episode. I can tell because of the alarm clock stuck in the wall for the past 13 years. I’m not sure what time it actually is because it’s inside the wall. Coincidentally this happened to someone else. How? Why? Where? All those newspaper type questions will be answered.

TV networks misspell their show’s names on purpose. Why would they do such a thing? A marriage ends a winning streak. How could that happen? Boy, I ask a lot of questions for a guy who already read these stories. It’s almost like I’m trying to get you to ask these questions, to peak your interest, to elicit a response,… from you. Yes, I’m talking directly to you. Just like in the Neverending Story. Now sit back, yell out the new name you’ve chosen for the princess and listen to the Robot Pizza Van.

Music by Uncle Milk
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