What’s In My Facebook Data: Episode 57

A glitch breaks Facebook for a minute, Elon Musk deletes his Facebook accounts, and Offroad take a look at the data Facebook has about him.

There’s a story from the beginning of this year when Facebook glitched out for a minute and told people that there was nothing new to see, no new posts… nothing. That was a simpler time. Elon Musk has deleted his Facebook accounts including one for SpaceX, Tesla, and one that kind of looks like his personal page. Then Offroad downloads the data that Facebook has gathered about him and tells you what’s in it. Oh, and maybe somebody bit Beyonce.

Music by Uncle Milk

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Sneakerheads: Episode 40

8-thumbWhat is a sneakerhead? It’s not a person with a big shoe for a head. I was really excited when that’s what I thought it was. It turns out that a sneakerhead is someone who is fanatical about sneakers… for their feet.

The hosts of the show – Offroad, Borg and Rygar are not shoe experts. Nonetheless, they have been extensively trained in socks, each own at least one pair of sneakers and are thus qualified to speak on the subject. This episode is meant to introduce the laymen to the wonderful world of sneaker fanaticism.

Music by Uncle Milk
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Rent A Fish: Episode 39


There is a hotel chain that offers fish for rent to its guests. How does that work? Just kidding, I already know.

The next story we read is about strawberry pizza and the Internet’s feeling about it. We always have to think of how the Internet will feel. Like the golden rule says – do unto the Internet as you would have the Internet do unto you. Next there’s a story about a tick that was on display during a presentation about the dangers of ticks, but then mysteriously disappeared to everyone’s fright.

Time to start a new paragraph. Why? It just feels right. Then it’s off to the fashion world as we look at the double jean. It’s like wearing one pair of jeans real low on top of another pair of jeans. And, I don’t even think that it’s two separate pants. I think it’s fake like those fake pockets that look like pockets but I try to put my hands in them and it turns out its just a seam in the shape of a pocket opening and my fingers curl up.

Music by Uncle Milk
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