The Berkeley Hate Man: Episode 100

This week we look at unusual philosopher and street person, the Berkeley Hate Man.

Music by Uncle Milk

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Goldfish On Wheels: Episode 21


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Offroad has some news stories, Rygar’s talking some heavy philosophy and Borg remembers computer specs from yesteryear. Aaaaah… but now the news: Students at Carnegie Mellon University have built a goldfish tank on wheels that is driven by the position of the goldfish. This is the first step towards goldfish robots. In other news, artist Neil Mendoza has created a robotic system, controlled by a goldfish that smashes tiny people furniture. Goldfish again. Coincidence or is this the second step towards robotic goldfish and their eventual quest for global domination?

The Pacific trash gyre/vortex is big. How big? Oh, don’t make us do math. No, really… Ok, you asked for it. Math! Then, the third thumb is a wearable, prosthetic, thirds thumb. How would that work? How do you control it? What does it look like? Now, now… slow down, all these questions will be answered in this episode.

Music by Uncle Milk
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