7 Unusual Musical Genres: Episode 44

In today’s modern world there are so many different musical styles and genres that it can be hard to keep track. Luckily, Robot Pizza Van has gathered some of the more unusual of them for you to take note of. You have a paper and pencil ready, or was that just a figure of speech?

First we listen to Lowercase which is a style of extreme ambient minimalism. It’s like turning up the sound on something that is usually quiet. Then Vaporwave is a style of music that reminds me of the soundtrack to software of the 1990s. We also listen to a kind of music called Noise. The people who play this music call it that. I’m not making a judgement.

Hey, time for a new paragraph! Speedcore is like techno music played real fast. Then there’s Cringe Pop. That’s when it’s so bad it’s good. It comes around full circle.

One, two, three, four, five… ok, then throat singers, we listen to some throat singers. And finally, the seventh and last unusual musical genre that we check out is Seapunk. It is much like the above mentioned Vaporwave with the added benefit of everything being sea-themed, including mermaids, shipwrecks and cool haircuts.

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