Be A Choice: Episode 56

‘Be a choice’ is today’s catchphrase, Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ a lot, you can send your name to the sun, the oldest message in a bottle, and cyborg body hacks… this week on the Robot Pizza Van.

Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ in his movies so often that people have started to notice. Now there are numerous public gatherings for fans to say ‘wow’ like Owen. Wow! Then, NASA is sending a mission to the sun’s atmosphere and you can send your name along. Maybe they will drop them all into the hellish furnace of the sun. Then, then, the oldest message in a bottle has been found. I wonder what it says. No, I know what it says. I’m just adding to the suspense. The last story today is about cyborg hacks you can currently do to your own body like the brain lace, magnetic finger tips, RFID chip implants, or an arm that detects earthquakes.

Music by Uncle Milk


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