Giant Rubber Ducky: Episode 16

Sick of politics in your news? A giant rubber ducky is accused of being a counterfeit, and the manliest man mows his lawn in a tornado. This week Rygar is back and he’s brought a special guest: funny-man EZ. Offroad and Borg are also here as usual, as we reminisce of a simpler time, a time before irony, when sincerity still existed: the 1960s batman television show. Remember Bugles: snack or cereal? Is this another one of those Mandela effects?

We geek out a little on fonts, Run-DMC track suits, and we speculate about the common law of “First-ies”. This episode is in 3D sound (ambisonics and binaural audio). Listen as you normally would with normal speakers or headphones.

Music by Uncle Milk
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