Slowest Roller Coaster Crash, Flat-Earther’s Rocket, and Gold Falls From The Sky: Episode 59

You want to hear the news that they’re not telling you, the news that has been hidden from your eyes thirsty for the quenching refreshment of truth. Thirsty eyes. The most important information has been hidden in plain sight, in the guise of seemingly random, silly and weird news stories.

Here’s what I found this week – The slowest roller coaster completely stops in the middle of a ride and no one noticed. A man builds his own steam powered rocket so he can launch it high enough to see whether the Earth is flat or not. Gold is reported to have been falling from the sky in Russia. Those are the incredibly relevant news stories that we cover this week.

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Cobots, Gobots, and Twitter Bots

What do robots that work alongside people, cars that transform into other things, and government propaganda have in common? No, I’m asking you. I don’t know.

Cobots are built to work alongside people. “Hey, hand me that wrench!”, “Bleep bloop”.

Then, I always thought the Gobots were a pale imitation of the Transformers. Turns out that Gobots are the pale originators?

And finally, Twitter bots and are they all out to get us?

What’s In My Facebook Data: Episode 57

A glitch breaks Facebook for a minute, Elon Musk deletes his Facebook accounts, and Offroad take a look at the data Facebook has about him.

There’s a story from the beginning of this year when Facebook glitched out for a minute and told people that there was nothing new to see, no new posts… nothing. That was a simpler time. Elon Musk has deleted his Facebook accounts including one for SpaceX, Tesla, and one that kind of looks like his personal page. Then Offroad downloads the data that Facebook has gathered about him and tells you what’s in it. Oh, and maybe somebody bit Beyonce.

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Be A Choice: Episode 56

‘Be a choice’ is today’s catchphrase, Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ a lot, you can send your name to the sun, the oldest message in a bottle, and cyborg body hacks… this week on the Robot Pizza Van.

Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ in his movies so often that people have started to notice. Now there are numerous public gatherings for fans to say ‘wow’ like Owen. Wow! Then, NASA is sending a mission to the sun’s atmosphere and you can send your name along. Maybe they will drop them all into the hellish furnace of the sun. Then, then, the oldest message in a bottle has been found. I wonder what it says. No, I know what it says. I’m just adding to the suspense. The last story today is about cyborg hacks you can currently do to your own body like the brain lace, magnetic finger tips, RFID chip implants, or an arm that detects earthquakes.

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Fortune Cookie Lotto Winner: Episode 55

The news this week: Alexa’s creepy laugh, Grumpy Cat wins in court, fortune cookie numbers win the lottery, and the $1,600 Uber ride.

Amazon’s smart device, Alexa has been laughing at random times during the day, sometimes during the middle of the night. Amazon finally acknowledged it. Then, Grumpy Cat wins a copyright lawsuit against a coffee business that had misused his likeness. After that, someone played the lucky numbers from inside a fortune cookie and won the lottery, including surprising information about fortune cookie numbers. Finally, the Uber ride that cost a sleeping man $1,600 and his struggle not to pay it.

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Killer Whales Can Speak English: Episode 54

Killer whales, also known as orcas, can imitate human speech. They can imitate a lot of things. Orcas are the parrot of the sea. Then, A Swiss university is the first to offer a degree in yodeling. They should have called it Yodel University.

Employees at Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters building keep walking into the giant glass walls. And the last story is about the #Lastman contest, a competition to see who can go the longest without learning who won the Superbowl.

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The Philadelphia Experiment: Episode 53

Did the military use secret advanced technology to render a navel destroyer invisible? Well, that’s what I heard. This week we look at the Philadelphia Experiment, where the story came from and where it’s going.

We also talk about a material made of nano-tubes that absorbs 99.9% of light, making it the darkest artificial material, and we talk about the delivery robots that we’ve been seeing around town.

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