Weird Christmas Gifts, Public Shaming, and ATM Errors: Episode 92

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This week Offroad is with Magician and Intuitionist, Courtney Kolb, and we’re talking about weird Christmas gifts, a traffic camera that mistakes an ad for a person and charges her with jaywalking, a burger joint closes after video shows rat cooking, a man dropped the engagement ring down a drain, a hang glider clings on for his life, an ATM accidentally spit out $100 bills, and what makes some words funny?

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Halloween, Hoaxes, and More Weird News: Episode 87

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We read the whole internet and then tell you about the weird and/or funny news. This week’s guest is writer Jim Cooper ( and we talk about spider webs that cover a lake shore, 13 runners who break Guinness records, top 10 popular Halloween costumes this year, the new fashion trend called nosewarmers, a satellite fuel tank that crashed down in a California orchard, a robot finger attachment for your mobile phone, and few hoaxes from history, including the Berners Street Hoax, The Society For Indecency To Naked Animals, Three-Eyed Fish and Selfie Rat, and more!

Strange Sounds: Episode 85

This week we’re with Borg and we’re talking about the sound of plasma waves on Saturn, Jupiter’s electromagnetic sounds, the museum of endangered sounds, screaming sausages, and the gold record that the U.S.A. sent into space with a message for aliens.

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Plasma Waves on Saturn
NASA flew the Cassini spaceship into Saturn last year. Directly into it. It crashed into the planet taking measurements and readings to the very end. The Cassini launched in 1997 and took 7 years to get to Saturn. Its been hanging around orbiting and probing Saturn since then, sending the info back to us on earth. Until last year when it was running out of fuel so they wanted to crash it into Saturn rather than have it fly of into space and hit some other ship or contaminate a planet that any earth microbes might grow on. They figure crash it on Saturn. So a few months before it crashes they get in a very low orbit, like in between the planet and its rings. And so about 20 of these tight orbits later and then finally crash into the planet. But before the crash we got some weird info. The Ship picked up some plasma waves heading from Saturn to its rings and into one of its moons. They said it was like an electrical circuit, with energy flowing back and forth. Researchers converted those plasma waves into an audio file “in the same way a radio translates electromagnetic waves into music.”

Jupiter sounds
A recording of Jupiter sounds (electromagnetic “voices”) by NASA-Voyager. The complex interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from the solar wind , planetary magnetosphere etc. create vibration “soundscapes”.
Museum of endangered sounds
It’s a website with a bunch of audio clips of different technology that has gone obsolete. For instance: the connecting of 56k modems. There are currently 15 clips but look for more in the future at
Screaming sausages
British food scientist Stuart Farrimond has measured the decibel levels produced by sausages dating back to 1845. Farrimond discovered that today’s sausages don’t make as much noise as those made from older recipes, saying that it’s because they are more lean and contain less moisture (in England they’re called bangers because they’re so loud).

Murmurs of the Earth, Voyager Spacecraft (1977)
We launched a gold record into space in 1977 for aliens to listen to on their record players.

5 Things To Do After You Die: Episode 83

Offroad finds a bunch of weird news stories to tell his two co-hosts, Rygar and Borg, to try to make them laugh. Normally it’s three guys but this week it’s only one guy trying to make himself laugh.

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This week we have the top 5 cool things to do with your cremation ashes. We’ve also got a story about real fish with plastic googly eyes. Then we talk about a guy who put up an electric fence to keep the kids out of his yard. And Jim Cooper calls in with his “Interesting News” segment. Did I mention space ghosts?

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Rat Cafe: Episode 81

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Rygar, Offroad and Borg present another set of unusual stories from the internet. Cat cafes, dog cafes and even a rat cafe. But first we chat about the hard-hitting questions that everyone’s been dying to know: What kind of coffee do you like? What kind of hipster? How tall is America? Why does Charlie Chaplin have the same mustache as Hitler?

There exist cat cafes where you can drink coffee while you hang around with free-roaming cats. There are also dog cafes which are very similar to the cat cafés except the cats are instead dogs. Finally, there is a rat café and guess what the cats there are? Yep, the cats are rats! Try to drink your coffee while your hanging out with rats.

This is a re-release of episode 23. We’ll be back next week with new episodes.

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Spin Cycle: Episode 80

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This is a re-release of episode 13. Let’s take a break and look back at the way things were.

We spend a bit of time watching a wash machine cycle (we review someone else’s review) and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. There’s suspense, heartache, thrills, and… cats! Here’s a little spoiler: 1600 RPMs!

Lyrebird is a startup with new speech synthesis technology. They can take a one minute recording of someone’s voice and use it to generate a key which can then be used to generate speech of that person saying anything you want. The company is giving it away for free?

Offroad mentions a theory that looting of stereo equipment during an LA riot helped rap/hip hop to grow. Actually, the theory is that this looting happened during a blackout in New York city in 1977. There is a caterpillar that eats plastic, on purpose. I think he likes it. There is also a quick (ha ha) story about particle accelerators. Look out for Future Shock – the idea and the Herbie Hancock song. Borg shows off his audio fading techniques (the fastest fade in the west).

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Helicopter Prison Break, Accidental Car Theft, and the Woman Mistaken for Dead: Episode 73

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It’s Robot Pizza Van, where we read the entire internet to bring you the odd interesting and unusual news stories, my name is Offroad and today we’re talking about A woman who was found alive in the morgue, a helicopter prison break, an accidental car theft, and the Flynn Effect.

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