Definitely Not A Christmas Special: Episode 43

Nobody learns any lessons and the bad guy wins at the end. Amidst the protests of co-hosts Rygar, Borg, and some supernatural surprise guests, Offroad makes sure that this is not a Very Special Christmas Episode.

Just a regular old episode. Yep. Pen spinning is a thing that we’ve all done. You haven’t? Pick up that pen there and hold it like you’re going to write something. Now flip it around your hand without dropping it. Ok, now… pen spinning is a thing that we have all done, but some people take it to another level. There is an entire pen spinning competitive world with international championships.

Then we look at some ‘funny news of the past’ including a scientist who invented bullet proof wheat (make a joke about lasagna here, maybe something about lasagna replacing body armor?) and edible ink on hot dogs (hot dog-vertising).

And although we try not to, in the end… I guess we all learn a little bit about ourselves. But you should listen anyway.

Music by Uncle Milk
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