Audio Tattoos And Crumbless Bread: Episode 17

Offroad, Borg, Rygar, and special guest (second week in a row) EZ meet to discuss some topics from the internets: soundwave tattoos, crumbless bread and a clown that mustn’t juggle in his own defense. This episode is formatted in 3D audio, which sounds best on normal headphones(especially) or normal speakers.

If you got a tattoo that played a sound, what would yours be? A bee? You’re just saying that because I just said that. Hey, if a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one there to use an app to play back the sound of the tree falling,… ok, wait there’s a simpler way to explain. There are soundwave-shaped tattoos that can use an app to play the sound back.

Crumbless bred and the dangers of space food. It’s like if you open up a bag of cheetos the wrong way and it bursts open and all the cheetos fly around the space cabin getting orange cheese powder on the instruments.

Finally the clown story. Very curios title but we don’t get to it this week, so it shall remain a mystery… forever!

Music by Uncle Milk
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