Space Lawyers: Episode 47


Robot Pizza Van is a comedy podcast. Normally we’re just reading funny news stories from the internet, but this week we’re flying an alien UFO around. Borg pilots the spaceship as Offroad plots a course for adventure.

We have a surprisingly good internet signal here in deep space. The first story is about Asgardia, a group of people who have gathered together to start the first space nation. They have launched a small satellite with the hopes of establishing a physical presence in space and eventual recognition from the United Nations. Then we read a story about a cigar shaped asteroid that scientist have confirmed is definitely NOT an alien spaceship. Hmmm…

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Borg Goes Back In Time To Fix The Past: Episode 46


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Borg travels through time to the beginning of the episode in order to tell us not to read a particular funny news story. We do read some other funny stories first. One story is about how your house might be bugged and what you can do about it. There’s another story about lifelong best friends who discover they are actually brothers.

We finally do read the forbidden story, even though Future-Borg warned us not to. The story inexplicably drives people to do crazy things. It’s so dangerous that we send Borg back to the beginning of the episode in order to stop us from reading it.

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“8 More Unusual Musical Genres” by Robot Pizza Van, a comedy podcast

We had so many unusual musical genres knocking on our door last week that it spilled over into this week’s show. Let me introduce to you the 8 that jammed their foot in the door when I tried to close it: Space Disco, Nintendocore, Chiptune, Yacht Rock, UK Garage, Simpsonwave, Black MIDI/Impossible Music and ancient Indian Classical Raga.

Next week we begin our new Season 2, so keep an eye out for new and exciting things.

Music by Uncle Milk
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