P-Touch And The Real Lord Buckethead: Episode 20

You know last week the episode had Lord Buckethead in the title, but we didn’t actually talk about him very much. This week we talk about him a lot, but I already named last week’s show. Today we learn a little bit about everyone: Rygar is so organized that he owns the deluxe version of the P-touch label maker, Borg breaks Youtube, EZ teaches us what dabbing is and it’s cultural significance, and Offroad quietly watches it all.

Before we break YouTube we are able to watch Cory Burns record a weird strike out, the Bee gees cover the Beatles, and Adele cover herself. We also learn that in England fish sticks are called fish rods and that quantum computers will render computer encryption obsolete (we really shouldn’t do math on the air).

Music by Uncle Milk
Call and leave a voice mail at 510-629-1233
or email us at robotpizzavan@gmail.com



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