Fortune Cookie Lotto Winner: Episode 55

The news this week: Alexa’s creepy laugh, Grumpy Cat wins in court, fortune cookie numbers win the lottery, and the $1,600 Uber ride.

Amazon’s smart device, Alexa has been laughing at random times during the day, sometimes during the middle of the night. Amazon finally acknowledged it. Then, Grumpy Cat wins a copyright lawsuit against a coffee business that had misused his likeness. After that, someone played the lucky numbers from inside a fortune cookie and won the lottery, including surprising information about fortune cookie numbers. Finally, the Uber ride that cost a sleeping man $1,600 and his struggle not to pay it.

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Killer Whales Can Speak English: Episode 54

Killer whales, also known as orcas, can imitate human speech. They can imitate a lot of things. Orcas are the parrot of the sea. Then, A Swiss university is the first to offer a degree in yodeling. They should have called it Yodel University.

Employees at Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters building keep walking into the giant glass walls. And the last story is about the #Lastman contest, a competition to see who can go the longest without learning who won the Superbowl.

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The Philadelphia Experiment: Episode 53

Did the military use secret advanced technology to render a navel destroyer invisible? Well, that’s what I heard. This week we look at the Philadelphia Experiment, where the story came from and where it’s going.

We also talk about a material made of nano-tubes that absorbs 99.9% of light, making it the darkest artificial material, and we talk about the delivery robots that we’ve been seeing around town.

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Grackles At The Petrol: Episode 52

Hundreds of grackles gathered at a petrol station, a Starbucks on Yosemite, a UFO at the latest SpaceX launch, and a court case to prove Bigfoot exists. All this and more on Robot Pizza Van’s 52nd episode. Let’s see, that’s one episode a week… 52 divided by… carry the one… It’s been a year! A whole year since this show was born, all tiny and wrinkled and covered in disgusting slime. Aaaaaah, how fast they grow up.

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Marmorkrebs: Episode 51

Mutant crayfish clones are showing up all over the world, “As Slow As Possible” is a very slow song, Kentucky Fried Chicken is serving Gravy Cocktails, McDonald’s french fries might cure baldness, and if you sedate a plant it seems to lose consciousness.

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Slow Podcast: Episode 50

Offroad, Rygar and Borg watch some Slow TV. What is Slow TV you ask? That wasn’t what you asked? No, you’re right. I’m just trying to explain what this episode is about. Slow TV is a genre of really long broadcasts where the pace of the action is very slow. Some examples include uninterrupted, unedited footage of a seven hour train ride, twelve hours of burning logs, and the thirteen hour National Knitting Night.

I think that there are a few other short news bits also.

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