Woman Bites Jogger, Restaurant’s Offensive Name, Christmas Weed, and More Weird News: Episode 97

The universe might be an expanding bubble in an extra dimension, man accused of guitar thefts has one thing to say, armed standoff ends after someone sings Christmas carol, homeless men allegedly broke into home and cooked dinner, an astronaut accidentally called 911 from space, artistic daredevil paints while skydiving, Christmas weed, woman bites jogger, and baby is named after highway where she was born.

Music by Uncle Milk

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Muppets Swear: Episode 96

We listen to an audio clip of a muppet that sounds like it’s swearing. It can also sound like its saying something else. Weird. I also call almost every guest that has ever been on the show. Then we count down the new year, so make sure to play this recording at the exact time so it lines up with your new year’s countdown! You could just play it over and over to make sure.

Music by Uncle Milk

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The 5 Most Dangerous Songs, and Other Weird Stuff: Episode 94

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Thousands of dollars fall from the sky, Old Milk perfume, I am Trash perfume. dying farmer’s last will goes down in history, skilled thieves wanted for employment, company will pay you to give up your smart phone, 5 Most Dangerous Songs To Drive To (And The 5 Safest), police give $3 to person who found it 14 years ago, chocolate spill covers road, robot turns out to be a man in a suit, man Arrested in after telling kids Santa isn’t real, other man yells ‘there’s no Santa’ at holiday event, teacher who spoiled Santa will not return to school, and Ford gets rid of new car smell.

Why Do These Seals Have Eels Up Their Noses?: Episode 93

This week On Robot Pizza Van (a weird news podcast), we talk about… Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, crematorium next door to retirement home, ping pong highlights, Major League Eating wants to eat that giant cow, police use Tesla autopilot to stop car, dog blocks soccer goal, court says man can’t be 20 years younger, robot releases bear repellent, seals with eels stuck in their noses, and a singing donkey.

Music by Uncle Milk

Weird Christmas Gifts, Public Shaming, and ATM Errors: Episode 92

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This week Offroad is with Magician and Intuitionist, Courtney Kolb, and we’re talking about weird Christmas gifts, a traffic camera that mistakes an ad for a person and charges her with jaywalking, a burger joint closes after video shows rat cooking, a man dropped the engagement ring down a drain, a hang glider clings on for his life, an ATM accidentally spit out $100 bills, and what makes some words funny?

Music by Uncle Milk
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